1592-businessWhen it comes to internet marketing, the world is becoming increasingly a visual world, and that phenomenon has spread to social media.  A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say; on social media, that can translate into a thousand (or more) hits for your website.  Studies have shown, for example, that posts accompanied by a picture on Facebook see a 37% higher response rate than others. Harness the power of images to make an impact on social media.

Social Media: Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the youngest members of the social media family, but a site that’s growing fast. As of early 2014, there were 70 million Pinterest users, and 80% of them were women. With 2.5 billion – yes, billion – page views per month, if your business relies heavily on images to sell its products or services, growing your Pinterest presence may be a good idea.

What is Pinterest? It’s a website that allows users to create an account and “pin” virtual images to pages called Boards. Imagine an old-fashioned corkboard; did you pin photos to one when you were a child? That’s what Pinterest is in a nutshell, but online. It allows users to create their own Boards around their unique likes, share images and more.

Pinterest currently boasts 500,000 businesses. Many consumer-products companies including clothing retailers, food and beverage manufacturers and media brands have a robust Pinterest presence. If you’re new to the site, try following a few of your favorite brands first to see how it works.

The key to Pinterest success, of course, is having unique images that represent your brand. You may need to hire a graphic designer or professional photographer to help you create images that support your brand, but if your products or services sell best on imagery, the investment may be worth it.

Social Media: Instagram

If your core audience consists of teens and young adults, it’s time to check out Instagram. Many in this demographic are leaving such tried and true sites as Facebook and flocking to Instagram, to the tune of nearly 100 million users.  Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to snap photos and share them instantly. It blends the use of images with quick messages to create a brand image that appeals to young adults. Companies such as Starbucks, Nike and Red Bull are all turning to Instagram.  If you’re trying to woo the under 25-set, Instagram is a good place to be.

Video Content

Let’s not forget among the panoply of visual content the use of video online. Video is hugely popular, with YouTube seeing 1 billion users visit its site each month. You don’t have to videotape your cat or yourself doing something silly to get attention. Videos on everything from car repair to cooking grace the pages of YouTube, giving businesses the opportunity to reach customers with valuable, useful content.

You don’t have to share your videos on YouTube. You can also upload them to your website, creating a warm, personal videotaped welcome message, for example, or content channels specifically for your own unique demographic.

Whatever you do, make sure your video is of the highest quality. A grainy picture with poor sound quality will detract from your brand image rather than enhance it. Business videos, like business images, should reflect your company’s marketing presence.

If you’re ready to make an impact with branded visuals as part of your company’s internet marketing, contact Dashboard Internet Marketing today. Our team of seasoned marketing professionals includes content marketers, designers, videographers and more with the experience to create great campaigns integrated with your internet marketing strategy. Call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation today.

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