Internet marketing planAn internet marketing plan isn’t really complete without measuring its effectiveness. It’s like dieting without weighing yourself. How will you know what, if any, progress you’ve made towards you goals unless you measure your activity?

Launching a new website is like driving a new car off of the dealer’s lot. It’s all shiny and new, and everything works well. It’s even got the new-car smell (let’s pretend, shall we?). But there’s only so much gas in the tank.  The gas gauge shows you how much is left in the tank, but at some point you’ll need to refill. However, you wouldn’t refill at random. You’d measure how much gasoline you have left in the tank by the readings of the gauge.

Websites have a gauge, too, and we use website analytics and other statistical tools to measure their effectiveness.  These statistics help you gauge how much progress you’ve made towards your goals. If your internet marketing plan doesn’t include a review of your website stats analytics, it’s time to add it in.  The health of your internet marketing plan depends on it.

Using Website Analytics to Fuel Your Internet Marketing Plan

Website analytics tell a seasoned internet marketing professional a lot about the relative health and wellness of your website. By examining trends over time, an internet marketing specialist can tell:

  • Which words and phrases people are using to find your website – and which ones may good candidates to build upon in the future
  • What visitors do once they reach your site
  • The gap between what is happening on your site and your websites potential
  • How long people stay on your site once the enter – and where they like to go once on the site
  • How many people return to your site
  • Whether these trends are moving in a healthy direction

Many website owners launch their site and then neglect the analysis, measurement and adjustment phases of the project. And that can be why their website sputters and glides to a stop. Without examining your site statistics and adjusting your internet marketing efforts accordingly, you aren’t refueling your website. Your website stalls, as does any marketing momentum you may have built up around its launch. The result is a site that stagnates, and that doesn’t help you achieve your internet marketing ROI.

Adding analysis, measurement, and implementation of the findings from this phase completes the internet marketing cycle and builds successful websites.

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