Web analytics are important to monitoring the effectiveness of your website and internet marketing initiatives. To paraphrase Socrates, “An unexamined website is not worth having.”  But how frequently should you look at your site’s data and analytics? In other words, how much is too much when it comes to monitoring your website’s data?

Monitoring Website Data

Some people become obsessed with their website data and watch it as avidly as a stock ticker, sensitive to every tick up or down in traffic. Others forget completely about data and analytics. And still a third group feels completely overwhelmed when staring at website analytics reporting. The information is there, but it may be difficult to understand the data in a way that can be properly applied.

Unfortunately, all three of these approaches will lead you astray. Instead of being over attentive, inattentive, or unsure, take a sensible approach to website data and analytics. Two such approaches include seeking training to help you understand your website data, or hiring a professional internet marketing firm to provide insight, support, and guidance on your website data.

Data Analytics Training

Some business owners who enjoy working with numbers may benefit from professional data analytics training. Such training should include:

  • How to track data
  • Data elements to assess
  • Frequency of assessment
  • Understanding website analytics
  • Goals monitoring
  • Developing action steps based on data

It’s important to find an internet marketing firm or consultant who not only understands website data and analytics, but has experience teaching others how to interpret data. Just because someone can perform a task well doesn’t necessarily mean that same person is good at teaching others how to do so, too. Look for someone with whom you feel comfortable asking questions, who has real-world experience in the subject, and proven experience helping others understand and use the information.

Work with a Professional Internet Marketing Agency

Many people are not excited about the thought of spending a half hour daily, weekly or even monthly reviewing their website analytics. That’s when you might consider hiring a professional internet marketing agency to handle your website analytics. An experienced internet marketing firm can offer comprehensive set up, tracking, monitoring and reporting, and can save you a great deal of time and money by providing you with action items based on website data an analytics.

Dashboard Internet Marketing uses only Google Analytics certified web analytics personnel.  With our team of internet marketing experts, we can put together a comprehensive website strategy that includes monitoring and reporting on your site’s data and analytics.

Don’t feel overwhelmed. An unexamined website is not worth having, but an examined website can generate more income once you understand the data.

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