Buyer’s remorse is a terrible feeling. Here you are, all excited about your new website or upcoming online marketing campaign, and instead of feeling happy with the outcome, you feel disappointed and frustrated.

Maybe you’re stuck with a website built on a proprietary platform and you are unable to find someone to make site changes. Maybe you’ve got a website that doesn’t show up on Google for phrases that are important to your business.  Maybe your site has been hacked and no one is willing to help you resolve the problem, or maybe your developer decided to go to work for another company and you are unable to find him or her to access your site.

Sounds familiar? Unfortunately the above examples happen far too often. How do you protect yourself? We recommend choosing an internet marketing agency based on the following concepts. It pays to get the job done right the first time around.

Internet Marketing Based on Time-Tested Principles

Great marketing is timeless. Some of the same direct response marketing principles that helped L.L. Bean sell millions of products last year through their print catalog are many of the same direct response marketing principles that savvy internet marketers apply to web marketing strategies.

The mechanism by which sales are made may have changed, but the sales and marketing principles behind the technology are evergreen. A good internet marketing agency bases its decisions on these principles, not the latest and greatest technological advances.

Good marketing is about customers, not QR codes. Great websites appeal to people first as well as search engines. A good internet marketing agency demonstrates this throughout all its work.

Does Your Agency Use a Proven Process?

A proven process provides a replicable system that can be measured, monitored and implemented again for success. Does your agency use a proven process such as the one listed below to create internet marketing plans and programs?

  • Plan: Before making suggestions, the internet marketing agency should conduct market research including a marketplace assessment and competitive intelligence. Both provide the necessary background information to set the stage for sound strategic thinking. Only after such research is conducted should a strategic plan be created.
  • Measure:  Marketing decisions shouldn’t be based solely on feelings and intuition. Both have their place, but internet marketing is a data-driven process. Look for an internet marketing agency that focuses on quantitative measurements of success. Such an agency understands that every dollar invested in your company’s internet marketing must demonstrate a return on that investment.
  • Implement: Consider internet marketing agencies with a demonstrated history of successful implementation. From website designs to pay per click advertising campaigns, a history of success and repeat business indicates an agency that knows how to implement effective internet marketing campaigns.
  • ŸMeasure: A good internet marketing agency isn’t afraid to measure its performance against the desired ROI and campaign goals. Does your agency measure outcomes and provide you with monthly reporting and results, written in clear, simple language? Better still, do they provide useful action steps to take based on the assessment?

Unfortunately few internet marketing agencies utilize the above steps in their decision making, which is a sign that much is being done based on feelings and guesswork – which increases the likelihood of buyer’s remorse.

Ideally, the best way to minimize buyer’s remorse is to obtain a referral for an internet marketing agency or website developer from a trusted business associate whose actual business is thriving on the web.  Not someone who has a name, but someone who can vouch firsthand for the results provided.

If you don’t know someone who can provide this type of referral, give us a call.  Dashboard Internet Marketing is an internet marketing agency that follows the above proven process. With a sound background in traditional marketing, coupled with extensive knowledge and experience of search engine and internet marketing, Dashboard Internet Marketing we may be able to help.

Contact us  or call 800-807-1852 to learn more.


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