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One trap that many companies fall into is what we’ve dubbed “checkbox marketing.”  Checkbox marketing means creating a task list and checking off each item as it’s completed. You glance at your to-do list and check off each item. Do Newsletter? Check. Update Facebook? Check. That’s check box marketing.

Many companies mistake these actions for strategic marketing, and the two couldn’t be further apart.

Yes, you do need to take action in order to promote your company. Whether you’re enacting an internet marketing program, a comprehensive integrated marketing program or traditional marketing, you should take action and complete certain tasks in order to accomplish your goals. But ticking off items on a task list without focused intent — aka “checkbox marketing” — isn’t really marketing.

Strategy versus Tactics, or Strategic Marketing vs. Checkbox Marketing

Strategy versus tactics….or strategic marketing versus checkbox marketing. What’s the difference?

Strategic marketing is marketing with intention. It is marketing with a purpose and clear vision of what you hope to accomplish. A strategy helps your business determine the best actions to reach potential customers.

Strategy is more about the “why, how and to whom” rather than the “what” you are doing.  Tactics are the “what” you are doing. Checkbox marketing mistakes action steps for strategy, and emphasizes going through the marketing motions rather than thinking things through.  And it can be fatal to your bottom line!

Climb Out of the Checkbox Marketing Trap

If your business has fallen into the checkbox marketing trap, isn’t it time you climbed out of the box? Think strategically, not tactically.  A good strategic marketing plan:

  • Focuses on your customers, both current and future.
  • Establishes goals for the marketing strategy or campaign.
  • Considers these goals during the creation of a marketing plan.
  • Encompasses numerous activities, each integrated with one another.
  • Defines your business’ unique selling proposition, or what you do differently or better than the competitors.
  • Creates messages that support and clearly articulate this position.
  • Disseminates these messages through a variety of measurable marketing activities.
  • Provides you with quantitative data to support your choices of marketing investments – ROI (return on investment.)

Moving from a checkbox marketing mentality to a strategic marketing plan may require training or empowering your marketing team or it may require obtaining professional assistance.  Either way, the change should be evident when implemented properly.

Give Dashboard Internet Marketing a call at 800-807-1852 to discover today why strategic marketing, not checkbox marketing, can lead to better results and ROI for your marketing programs.

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