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Asking whether or not your website design needs a makeover isn’t a frivolous question. If your website isn’t drawing the search engine traffic it once did or you are not converting site visitors into buyers or leads, chances are good your site needs an update.  And if your site hasn’t been updated in months or even years, it is long overdue for an update.

Three Clues That It Is Time for a Website Redesign or New Website Design

Clue #1:  Your Site Traffic Is Declining

Take a good look at your website statistics. What does the site analytics tell you about your website traffic? Is search engine traffic holding steady, rising or declining compared to the same period last year? While declining website traffic and unique visitors may be due to many factors, one of them may be an older site that’s been gathering the equivalent of virtual “dust.”

Search engines examine many, many factors when determining how to rank a particular website. Two factors related to website updates are recency of updates and frequency of updates.  Sites that are updated frequently with fresh content may be given higher scores and consequently a better position on the search engine results page, all other factors being equal, than sites that are built, launched, and remain untouched for months or years on end.

While declining website traffic and declining numbers of unique visitors may be due to several factors, an old, stale website isn’t attractive. High bounce rates, declining search engine traffic and declining site visits are all clues that a change should be made soon.

Clue #2: Customers Complain They Can’t Find What They Need

Anytime a customer complains, give thanks. Why? Because that’s direct, unfiltered feedback from your most important asset – your customers. When they complain that they can’t find what they need, you should carefully examine both your offerings and your website. If you are indeed offering what they are looking for and they can’t find it – and that spells trouble. You may need to update your website navigation or make other changes to help you pinpoint what exactly is wrong. A website usability study can go a long way to saving you time, money and frustration in finding out exactly what is wrong by enabling experts to do the fact-finding for you. Their recommendations can help you save both time and money by honing in on the right targets for your website redesign or update.

Clue #3: Your Website Doesn’t Load Quickly or Properly on Mobile Devices

If your site was built more than a year or two ago, chances are good that some aspects of it aren’t optimized properly for mobile devices. And that’s where you may be leaking money and opportunities. Today’s on-the-go consumers and business people use their mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, and cell phones to find and view websites more than ever before. According to a report on Digital Trends, mobile devices now account for 45 percent of internet browsing – more so than Windows computers.  That number is expected to increase over time.

Handheld devices have smaller screens. They also require sites to load more quickly. There are many other factors that go into building a site that can be view optimally on various handheld devices. The bottom line is that sites must be built or configured for various mobile devices. What worked years ago – considering only a few standard screen sizes to determine how sites were displayed – no longer works today. If your site won’t load on mobile devices, cuts off important information or takes too long to load, you could be missing valuable leads.

Is it time for a website makeover, website usability study, or website design project? Contact the internet marketing experts at Dashboard Internet Marketing.  Call 800-807-1852 or email us.

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