Give Pay Per Click Another Chance Have you tried Pay per Click (PPC) advertising as part of your internet marketing strategy but were disappointed by the results? If so, you may be a bit jaded when someone mentions PPC ads. “Been there, done that, didn’t work.”

Are you sure?

Although a PPC advertising campaign is relatively easy to create and launch, it’s not easy for newcomers to make a successful campaign. Experience counts when you’re using PPC.

Three Tips for Making PPC Campaigns Work For — Not Against — You

Experienced internet marketers know that certain steps helps PPC campaigns achieve their ROI goals. These three tips may help your next campaign be successful.

  1. Set specific, measurable goals.  Whether it’s to generate calls, build your email list, convert casual click-through visitors to interested buyers, or build your website traffic, it’s important to set specific, quantifiable goals. Without goals, it’s difficult to truly say whether or not a campaign was successful. Goals can also help you uncover hidden gaps between your overall marketing strategy and your PPC strategy. If your PPC goal doesn’t align with your marketing strategy, you have time to align it before launching your online advertising campaign.
  2. Develop ads for people seeking information, not people who know your company.  Pay per click ads are built on keyword phrases, or specific phrases that people searching for information are typing into search engines. Focus your PPC campaigns on such phrases. Avoid using common words that could lead to vague results. And avoid using phrases that only people familiar with your products and services will use. They’re probably going directly to your website by typing in the URL.
  3. 3.    Create specific landing pages with a measurable action step. One of the mistakes many newcomers to PPC ads make is to have their clickable ads lead directly to their generic home page. A more effective way of converting clicks to leads or sales is to create a campaign-specific landing page with a trackable response mechanism, such as an email sign-up, a lead generation form, or another call to action. This helps you track the responses, measure your campaign’s ROI, and ultimately build your customer list.

Launching a Successful PPC Campaign

There are many other factors that can determine Pay per Click success, but the above are a few basics that can help.  We almost always find that campaigns that fail are improperly created and managed.

Are you ready to launch a successful pay per click campaign? If so, then give Dashboard Internet Marketing a call today. We work with small to mid-sized businesses to create effective, measurable digital marketing campaigns that add value to your business. Our emphasis is on achieving your return on investment, and in building sustainable marketing campaigns for long-term results. Call us at 800-807-1852 today.

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