Five Ideas to Reuse and Share Content
Original content helps your website get noticed by both the popular search engines and by your website visitors. People crave authoritative, accurate, engaging information. Search engines view sites providing such information favorably, and providing original content on a regular basis can help boost your site’s rank and visibility.

Many business owners struggle to meet the growing demand for quality content. With this in mind, here are five ideas to help you “green” or “recycle” existing content.  Repurpose, reuse is the mantra, while still creating original, thought-provoking content that both your customers and search engines will love.


Idea #1, Starting Point: Write a Blog Post

Blog posts are becoming more important than ever in today’s new world of content production. Start your content marketing efforts by working with your internet marketing firm to create a calendar of blog posts for the upcoming months. Working ahead quarterly saves time and effort, and helps you stay on top of your content creation efforts. Choose one blog post to get started.

Idea #2 Optimize Your Post

Your internet marketing agency can help you optimize your blog post for search engines. By focusing on specific tasks related to search engine optimization before you publish your blog post, you can maximize its web presence effectively. Search engines will be more likely to find and index your post if all the on-page search engine optimization elements are in place once it goes live on your website.

Idea #3:  Break Your Blog Post into Social Media Updates

The blog post that you are reading is a good example of a post that would be easy to break into social media updates. Each concept in the post could make an effective Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn update. Think of ways you can break your content into brief gems that can be shared across various social media profiles, ending with a link back to the original post. This helps you share your content in ways your customers prefer. Hopefully, your shares will whet their appetite for more, they will click the link, and visit your site.

Idea #4: Record Your Post

Content isn’t just the written word. It also includes audio recordings such as podcasts and video recordings. Short blog posts can be recorded and released as MP3 files, reaching people who prefer to listen to business information. Blog posts can also be repurposed into video content.

Idea #5: Use Customers Comments as a Springboard for New Content

As you share content online, customers will comment on it. They may ask questions, share stories, or offer insights. It’s important to review what your customers are saying as their comments often lead into additional lines of creativity for future content creation. Use customer feedback and comments as a springboard for future content. Not only will this keep your content fresh and creative, it will also help you create new posts and topics that appeal directly to your customers and address their questions.  And that’s the best way to keep a positive cycle of posts, comments and new posts going, creating more content that appeals to your website visitors and attracts search engine traffic.

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