When working with your internet marketing firm, it’s important to commit to your strategy without wavering.  After all, you hired an agency because you realized that you need professional internet marketing expertise that may not have been available within your company, and you probably felt that you hired the right partner, either through referral or other process.  You began with high hopes and it’s important to see things through otherwise you never know what might have been.

Once you’ve partnered with your agency to develop your plan, it’s important to execute the plan as designed and to give your marketing activities enough time to take root and grow.  An integral part of any marketing initiative is setting realistic expectations and acknowledging and comprehending the time needed to achieve results.  Some initiatives will take more time, especially in highly competitive markets, while some may generate results in a relatively short amount of time.

Starting and stopping marketing activities abruptly, without real data or changing tactics before the final outcomes could delay success or short circuit success altogether.

I recall a story of a pioneer who decided to take a trip across country to see the ocean.  As time went on he became frustrated and then gave up and decided to head back home, when in reality the ocean was just on the other side of the mountain.  Mountains can be discouraging, yet he would have achieved his goal had he continued.  So close, yet so far away, and resources and time were invested.   Maybe there is a parallel to your internet marketing plan.

Results Take Time to Build

At first glance, internet marketing looks like it should be a quick marketing fix.  Redo your website, set up a Facebook page, send out a marketing email, off it goes and the results pour in, right?

Not necessarily. It takes time for search engines to find, index, and rank a web page and more time to build credibility so that your site can position effectively.  It takes time to test elements of a pay per click advertising or an email marketing campaign.  It takes time to listen and analyze a social media space and to build up a social media following made up of potential clients and influencers.  And it takes time to obtain enough data to make recommendations moving forward based on fact.

Just like it takes several days or weeks to prepare and mail a direct response letter, and just about as much time for people receiving the letter to respond, so too does internet marketing need time to build momentum in the marketplace.

Are You Ready to Commit to an Internet Marketing Plan?

Before launching your internet marketing campaign, make sure you are ready to commit to the plan for the period of time recommended by your internet marketing agency. Internet marketing experts know approximately how long it will take before results become apparent from your marketing activities. If you’re not sure how long it will take to show results from your internet marketing activities, ask. Most firms are happy to share their knowledge with their clients and should provide insight as part of the planning process.

How Long Is Too Long?

How long is too long to keep an internet marketing campaign running if it isn’t generating the desired results? That’s a great question. The answer lies in three steps:

  1. Setting goals for an internet marketing campaign.
  2. Measuring the campaign.
  3. Analyzing the outcome over time.

When you work with a professional internet marketing agency, the question “how long is too long?” should be answered by using the above three steps. By setting clear goals, creating an effective plan, measuring the outcomes and analyzing the results over days, weeks and months, a good internet marketing agency can build upon success.

Don’t stop before you achieve that success or if you do decide to stop, do so based on fact.

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