internet marketing plansHow many companies do you know that have beautiful, slick looking binders full of plans lining the bookcases in the office? Or perhaps they have nice-looking slide presentations or electronic documents outlining in exhaustive detail every internet marketing step they wish to take or every item they want to tweak on their website?

But that’s where the plans stay. In the binder, on a shared drive or in a file on someone’s computer.

Why do so many plans stay hidden when they can be used to achieve business objectives online?

What Effective Internet Marketing Plans MUST Include

The problem with so many internet marketing plans is that they lack two critical components that can transform them from resource binders to roadmaps to success.  These components are:

  • Execution strategy – who will actually executive the marketing plan? Do you know who, what, where, why and how the work will get done? A well-thought execution strategy with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, timeline and budget is a must to transform a useless internet marketing plan into a useful internet marketing success roadmap.
  • Measurable objectives – how will you measure success? What benchmarks will you use to determine if you’ve achieved your company’s marketing ROI? Measurement helps define the initiative and set goals. Without measuring progress towards a goal, the plan is apt to flounder and money and time are wasted.

Over the years, we’ve found that when one or both of these elements are missing from an internet marketing plan, it gets pushed aside. The manager who created the plan wonders why no one is using the plan, and the team expected to use the plan wonders how they were supposed to use it in the first place.  In the meantime, the plan gets pushed to the back burner while other, more pressing and deadline-driven company projects are pushed to the forefront.

Without a clear execution strategy and plan, no one takes ownership or initiative. Without measurable and define objectives, there’s no sense of urgency to undertake the plan, nor any way to tell if the plan is successful.

If your internet marketing plans are languishing on someone’s computer or on a bookcase somewhere covered with dust…there is a solution

Work with an Experienced Internet Marketing Agency

Starting with a good internet marketing agency can mean the difference between an internet marketing plan that ends up being a missed opportunity and a useful one. A proven internet marketing agency has the experience, the talent and the team to not only write a robust internet marketing strategy and plan but to execute the plan and measure its progress towards the goal.  If your time is short, resources are precious and in house expertise limited, then it pays to work with an experienced internet marketing team. Start the year off right with a strong internet marketing plan, and making it useful, not useless!

Dashboard Internet Marketing offers internet marketing strategies and plans, website design, content marketing and social media, SEO and more. Call 800-807-1852 or email us today.

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