searchLink building is one of the most important SEO (search engine optimization) tools in the internet marketer’s toolbox, a tool that can cover a multitude of website sins. What are website sins? Well, you can have a site that isn’t written in the best way, or perhaps has grown cluttered with extra pages over time, or has minor technical issues…but, if it has high quality inbound links, it can rank favorably on the popular search engines.

Why Inbound Links Are Important

Why do the popular search engines count inbound links more favorably than, say, URL’s or other SEO techniques? It has to do with assessing the quality of your website and how well it matches user queries.

A search engine’s primary purpose is to match a user’s query with the best answer to that query.  When you type into a search engine, “party catering in Chicago” or “used office furniture Minneapolis,” the search engine tries to match your query to the websites for Chicago companies offering catering or Minneapolis companies selling used office furniture.

The search engines examine 100 to 200 different aspects of your website, depending on the search engine and how it is programmed. Based on what it finds, it decides through something called an algorithm in what order it presents the results. That order is found on the search engine results page, and the higher your web page appears on the results page, the more likely searchers are going to click on the link. Some studies estimate that 80% of people will click on the first link on a search engine results page. You can see why it’s important for your website to appear near the top or at the top of the search engine results page.

Now that brings us back to the topic of why inbound links are important to the search engines to help them determine where to place your page.  A good internet marketing agency understands the technical and creative aspects of search engine optimization and will take great care to make sure that every facet of your website is properly optimized to get the best results.  But if almost all things are equal, how can the search engines be sure which site is indeed the most popular?

Inbound links, or links pointing into a website, are one of the best ways for them to assess a site.  While they can be influenced, and an internet marketing agency can help you generate inbound links to your website, they cannot be as easily manipulated as the coding of a site, for example, to boost search engine results.

How to Attain Inbound Links

How do you get other websites to link to your site — especially sites with strong visibility, which tends to boost your page rank, too?  One way is to offer juicy, enticing content on your website, and promote it through social media.

Good content naturally attracts visitors, who will click on links to access the content, then stick around to read it.  The more people who click on your content links, the better.  Social media offers one method of sharing links to your content; if your followers decide to share the links on with their followers, you can attract even more potential customers with very little cost.  The more people expressing interest in your brand, and talking about your business, the better.

Have you considered creating an industry resource center on your website? Adding a blog or visual content, such as original infographics, pictures or memes that have the potential to go viral? What about having a professional content marketing and social media plan in place?

Dashboard Internet Marketing would be happy to talk to you about adding inbound links to your site, or adding a professional content marketing, social media marketing, or other internet marketing strategies to your marketing plan.  Call us at 800-807-1852 for a free consultation today.


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