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Linking strategies are an important part of internet marketing, but recent changes announced by the major search engines have called into question some tried-and-true linking strategies. Links remain an important aspect of internet marketing, an aspect that website owners need to understand to maximize their potential.

Links Defined

Most people are familiar with basic links within a website. Navigation bars are a good example. They provide a pathway from the main page of a website into main categories within the site. Links lead visitors from one page on a website to another related page. By clicking on a link, visitors can find additional information or skip quickly to pages of interest.

Internal links (as they are called) aren’t just for site visitors. Search engines use those links like pathways, moving from one link to another to find, scan and index additional pages. Internal links, or links from one page of content to another, are thus important for both site visitors’ experiences and for search engine optimization.

Outbound links are links from your website to another. Outbound links also help search engines find additional websites, and they can add value for site visitors if used sparingly. Clearly you’ve gone to the time and trouble to attract visitors into your website; be careful not to encourage them to leave quickly.

Inbound links are the third category and one which the search engines tend to view most favorably, with some caveats. Inbound links are links pointing from other websites into your website. They help people find your site, and they also signal to search engines that your website is worth noticing.

Inbound links, however, should be from high-quality sources. It’s not enough to sprinkle links everywhere pointing into your website. Search engines take into consideration the source of the links. If the link is from a review in The New York Times or on the Huffington Post, that counts more towards your search engine ranking than a link from a low ranking source that has nothing to do with the content on your site.

Recent Changes in Linking Strategies

Recent changes rolled out by the major search engines have made inbound link-building slightly more challenging. Search engines have grown wiser about some of the tricks of the trade, and greater attention is being paid to what the search engines perceive as spontaneous, natural links than those placed or paid for from websites. Press release links must be created in a certain way, too, or risk being discounted entirely by search engines.

Link Building Strategies

Link building remains among the most powerful tools in the internet marketer’s toolbox. However, like any tool, if they aren’t handled properly they can harm rather than help. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly understand the potential impact various link-building strategies can have on your internet marketing and website traffic and use only ethical, effective strategies.

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