Attract-CustomerWho wouldn’t like to have a website that attracts new customers like a magnet, drawing in a steady stream of new visitors and transforming those visitors into customers and sales? What’s the secret to the success of wildly popular websites – and how can you tap into that success?

The secret lies in rich, engaging and properly search engine optimized content: articles, blog posts, web pages and social media.

Content Is King for SEO and Great Internet Marketing

You’ve heard that ‘content is king’ for SEO and internet marketing, but what exactly does that mean? Consider for a moment how search engines work. Their automated robots crawl the web, seeking web pages. Once they find a web page, they need to tag it so that among the millions of web pages archives on their system, they can find it again when someone wants it.

When your site has many pages related to the same or similar topics, the search engines go “Ah – ha! I understand it now. This site is about taking vacations with your dog!” or whatever the topic is. Now they tend to turn to those pages when there are more pages with similar content. It’s as if they start to realize that indeed, that site is an expert resource for dog owners looking to take their dogs on vacation.

That example is simplistic, but it gives you a better idea of how search engines work and how content helps with search engine visibility. But there’s another side to using content for search engine marketing: the human side of the equation.

People Turn to Authoritative Content Online

When your website content is well-written, engaging and authoritative, people linger to read it. Search engines look beyond keywords and indexed pages to determine how high your page appears in search engine results and hence, how visible it is to people searching the web.  They also look at how “sticky” the content in your site and judge visitor time on site, number of pages accessed, and return visits as indicators of quality and usefulness.

Authoritative content that answers reader questions and presents information confidently and succinctly is highly valued online. Many people turn to search engines when they have a question about something specific – how to relieve pain, grow a business, or how to caulk a window, things like that. They want specific, credible, and authoritative answers, and they want them fast. If your website content answers their questions and helps them with a need, it’s more likely to be appreciated, visited and read.

Ways to Generate Authoritative Content

Maybe you hated English class in school. That’ okay. There are many ways to generate authoritative content that appeals to both search engines and site visitors.

Here are some tips to help you start your own content marketing program:

  • Take stock of what you may already have that can be repurposed for content marketing. Do you have a business blog? Perhaps a blog post can be transformed into a podcast.   Podcasts can be transcribed or key ideas used for new articles. Look through your existing materials first and see what you can reuse.
  • Read industry websites, and write article reacting to survey results or new studies in your industry. Link to the original study.
  • Use your original photographs and add business tips to them in a design program. Make sure you use your own original images so that you can share them on various social media channels.

For those with neither the time nor the inclination to begin a content marketing program on their own, there are agencies and professional copywriters who specialize in content marketing.  Most have content marketers or internet copywriters on staffs that have experience writing articles, blog posts and web pages for search engine marketing. A content marketer or writer can help you uncover potential topics, research them to judge their potential appeal, and infuse them with great keyword choices to boost their visibility.

Dashboard Internet Marketing offers content marketing, website writing, SEO writing and comprehensive internet marketing strategies and services that can help you attract and retain loyal customers. Call us today at 800-807-1852 for a free consultation and to discuss how we can transform your website into a client attraction magnet.

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