responsive-mobile-web-designDesigning mobile-friendly websites is part of responsible web design, but it’s much more than making sure your site shows up on a mobile device.  Marketing Land reports that 69% of those in the United States owning mobile smartphones use the phones daily to access the internet.  That number continues to grow; the Marketing Land study reports an increase throughout 2011, the year the study was conducted. Marketing firm IDC, as reported in an article in  PC Magazine, predicts that by 2015, use of mobile phones will actually surpass using desktops or laptops to access the internet.

Given these statistics, you can see for yourself that having a mobile-friendly website is important. If you don’t have a website that’s easily accessible on a mobile device, you may be losing business.

Here’s what you need to know about mobile-friendly websites and responsive design.

Older Websites May Not Be Accessible on Mobile Devices

Older websites may not be accessible on mobile devices, or they may load poorly on modern mobile devices.  Just because your website ‘shows up’ on the screen doesn’t mean that it is properly optimized for mobile devices. Depending on how the original site was created, it may or may not have stylesheets that hides aspects of the original website and shows only a small handful of navigation elements or content.

This can be problematic whether or not the elements that show on screen were chosen by the company or appear randomly based on the device itself; either way, your customers are missing the full experience of your website, and may not even be seeing elements that could convince them to respond to your site.  That translates into missed opportunities, and missed revenue.

Standard websites loading on mobile devices may also face other issues. Slower load times are often a problem when the average website tries to load on mobile devices.  Consumers are increasingly impatient and may skip your site and go straight to a competitor’s website if your site fails to load quickly.  Can you really afford to lose a customer you’ve worked so hard to acquire?

Making a Mobile-Friendly Site

One possible solution to this dilemma is to design a separate mobile-friendly website. This site, or even multiple sites, are designed for specific mobile devices or designed using progressive or responsive techniques.

Another solution is to work with a good internet marketing firm that understands true responsive website design. Such a firm conducts its own research to understand your target customers and how they wish to view your website; then they design a site that looks great and responds well to most major platforms, including typical display settings as well as common mobile devices.

While the investment in such a site may be greater than for a less robust website, the results may more than pay for the costs of responsive website design, especially when more customers are turning to mobile devices.  The more people you can reach with a great-looking website that tells your product story, the better.

Getting Started with Mobile Site Design

You don’t have to tackle the development of a mobile website on your own. Talk to the experts at Dashboard Internet Marketing.  Our proven process creates effective websites that present well on mobile devices and more.  Call 800-807-1852 or email us today.

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