Ask About Our Automated Local Business Reviews Service

Online reputation marketing can be a key to your internet marketing success and obtaining and posting customer reviews just got easier with the introduction of our new Automated Local Business Review service.

Online reputation marketing is a game changer for many businesses. It helps drive traffic to your website and reviews promote your business wherever they’re posted. It’s like getting free advertising online!

Reviews sell your services wherever they’re posted, helping people know, like and trust your company even before they’ve set foot in your store or visited your website.

All of your other internet marketing efforts – a great website, search engine optimization, content marketing, social media and more – depend upon a stellar online reputation. Over 70% of customers are willing to share a good review, but once they leave your store or office, they forget to post a review, no matter how great the service.

Dashboard Internet Marketing’s new online reputation marketing services changes that scenario to make it simple and easy for customers to leave reviews when their experience with your brand is top of mind – right at your store or office!

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Turnkey Reputation Marketing Services Makes It Easy to Add Reviews to Your Online Marketing

Dashboard Internet Marketing’s turnkey reputation marketing services makes it easy and convenient for your customers to leave reviews as soon as they’ve completed a transaction.

Here’s how our reputation marketing services works:

  • Place an Android-enabled tablet or similar device at your reception desk, counter or where customers pay so it’s easy for them to access.
  • Just one tap on an icon on the tablet pad and customers are logged into a simple, intuitively designed web page completely branded with your company’s name and logo. It looks just like your own website.
  • From there, they can leave a quick review, and we’ll do the rest.
  • We’ll share their review with the best online reputation listings to make sure it’s fully integrated into a comprehensive online marketing plan and boosting your firm’s online visibility and reputation.

That’s it. We do all the set up, all the monitoring, and all the reporting so you have a simple, easy and effective way to manage and share reviews. It’s reputation marketing made easy with Dashboard Internet Marketing!

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Reputation Marketing Services

As more people search online for local businesses with which to shop, bank, dine and choose for services, reputation marketing services become increasingly important.

Dashboard Internet Marketing’s reputation marketing services help you build, improve and promote your online reputation so that it works with, not against, your online presence. When reputation marketing is used in conjunction with our other professional internet marketing services, the results can yield improved visibility, increased website traffic, and more leads and sales.

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