2014 internet marketing campaignsFast away the old year passes, as the song goes, and with it, your 2013 marketing plan and budget. It’s time to work on your 2014 internet marketing plans and budgets. But where should you invest, and where should you maintain your presence online? Where are other companies flocking for the best exposure and the best return on their marketing investment?

Social Media Advertising Increasing

According to a study from Advertising Perceptions published in eMarketer, 93% of marketing managers are putting their internet marketing dollars behind social media advertising. Social media sites, including behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, reach unprecedented numbers of people, and those numbers continue to grow. Worldwide, for example, 94% of teens are on Facebook daily. Depending on the demographic you wish to reach, social media advertising may be one of the smartest marketing investments you can make in 2014.

Video Surging Ahead

Video has been a component of internet marketing for many years. However, executives surveyed in the previously cited Advertising Perceptions study indicated they plan to invest more in video than in previous years. YouTube, which combines features of both video broadcasting and social media, is a popular marketing platform.  Along with other forms of visual content, such as infographics and viral graphics (things your customers are likely to share on social media sites such as Pinterest), video may merit more dollars in your 2014 marketing budget.

Content Creation

Changes to how the popular search engines rank websites have led to a greater emphasis on unique, engaging and informative content. Whether you manage a large, household-name brand consumer product or run a startup small business, investing in the production and dissemination of content should be among your top three priorities for 2014.

Start Now

Don’t leave your internet marketing strategic planning for the last minutes. Yes, the annual company Holiday party is important, but you need to establish a solid foundation for 2014.  Here are three things you should do now to prepare for 2014:

  1. Gather together your monthly and quarterly website, advertising, and sales data in preparation for a deep-dive analysis.
  2. Note trends, changes, and areas of improvement. Create an action plan to build on successes and eliminate underperforming tactics.
  3. Apportion your 2014 budget. Consider adding additional investments in social media advertising, video production, content creation and dissemination.


Dashboard Internet Marketing is here to help you with these steps and more. Please call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation today.

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