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Dashboard Internet Marketing Announces Launch and Rename

Name Change Emphasizes Agency’s Core Strengths of Internet Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation, Websites and More

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN –  DLC&A Marketing announced today it is rebranding as Dashboard Internet Marketing, a move designed to emphasize the agency’s core strengths of internet marketing, SEO, social media marketing, usability studies, website design and other online marketing services. The Minneapolis-area agency, founded in 2006 by Duane Coleman, focuses on accountable, measurable internet marketing solutions to help small to mid-sized businesses grow.  The agency emphasizes measurement of all phases of internet marketing to track, measure, and improve online marketing performance.

“The transition to Dashboard Internet Marketing represents the next step in evolution of the agency,” said Mr. Coleman. “Our emphasis is on helping small to medium-sized business grow through the use of accountable, strategic internet marketing solutions.”

Dashboard Internet Marketing uses a proven process and methodology that emphasizes measurable results and fact-based marketing decision making. This emphasis appeals to business owners who are often wary of investing in marketing programs where the results cannot be quantified. Business owners can see the return on investment (ROI) on marketing campaigns implemented by Dashboard Internet Marketing.

“Many small and medium sized business owners are uncomfortable with marketing agencies that cannot quantify their results,” Mr. Coleman said.  “Our approach appeals to small and mid-sized business owners because we focus on the marketing return on investment. We assess marketing data to make recommendations, basing such recommendations on facts, not guesswork. Business owners readily respond to that approach.”

Dashboard Internet Marketing offers complete internet marketing services.  The agency’s team of skilled professionals offers search engine marketing services, social media marketing, website design and build services, website usability studies, and a variety of other internet marketing services.

“Whether you have a current website that needs refreshing or you need an internet marketing or social media strategy to generate leads and sales, the team at Dashboard Internet Marketing may be able to help you achieve your goals,” Mr. Coleman stated.

About Dashboard Internet Marketing

Dashboard Internet Marketing is a full-service internet marketing agency that focuses on small to medium-sized business success. Visit Dashboard Internet Marketing or call 800-807-1852 to learn more about their strategic and measurable approach to internet marketing.


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