Remarketing services from Dashboard Internet Marketing can improve your company’s marketing return on investment. Remarketing services tag specific pages on your website with special codes so that advertisements for your products and services follow your customers even after they’ve left your website, keeping both your brand and your products top of mind as they surf the web and peruse their favorite social media websites.

Our remarketing services include:

  • Remarketing strategy development to maximize your remarketing investment and integrate it with other online marketing programs;
  • Ad copy creation for professionally written ads that encourage clicks and sales;
  • Ad design for maximum exposure and responses;
  • Remarketing campaign set-up to make it easy to implement a remarketing campaign;
  • Monitoring, reporting, tweaking and consulting to improve responses over time and maximize your advertising ROI.

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AdWords Remarketing

AdWords remarketing display your company’s advertisements on other websites in the Google AdWords display advertising network. When you use AdWords remarketing, Google’s powerful advertising network shows ads for selected products or services that customers visited on various other websites even after they’ve left your site. This powerful, visual reminder keeps your brand on screen well after customers have left your website, encouraging them to visit your site again and complete their transaction.

Correctly setting up AdWords remarketing campaigns can maximize your online advertising budget and improve your company’s marketing ROI. Dashboard Internet Marketing offers this specialized remarketing service and other innovative internet marketing services to help you boost your site’s visibility, traffic and sales.

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Retargeting Companies

As the popularity or remarketing grows, so too does the number of retargeting companies offering remarketing services. Not all retargeting companies are alike.

At Dashboard Internet Marketing, we don’t just offer remarketing like some retargeting companies. We offer a wealth of real-world business experience and insights gleaned from years of hand-on traditional and internet marketing experience. This wealth of experience enhances your retargeting and remarketing campaigns by focusing on the best strategies and tactics to help your company achieve its objectives.

Our emphasis is on ROI for our clients. As business people ourselves, we know that understanding which marketing method offers the best return on investment is critical for business success.

Not all retargeting companies offer a dedicated team of experts with years of hands-on business and marketing experience. Call or contact Dashboard Internet Marketing today and talk to us about your retargeting, remarketing, and internet marketing needs.

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