A Personal Note from Dashboard Internet Marketing President Duane Coleman

John McKay
John McKay

An obituary can only tell us so much. It shares the facts: the age of the person who passed away, his occupation, and his survivors. What it doesn’t tell you is the heart and soul of the person.  And John McKay was a man with a big heart and soul to match it.  He almost always made me smile, and I still smile when I think about him.

John McKay passed away on August 22, 2013.  He is remembered by many for his relationships, and by me as a business associate and friend.

John McKay was a marketer who truly cared about his customers.  I met him when he worked for a prior employer, and our relationship continued when he launched Marketing Mavericks. I enjoyed getting to know John as we worked closely together with one of his clients, and his loss is felt deeply.

You can learn a lot about a person when you work with him for a few years, and I learned more from John’s unique style than from many teachers. He had a gift for storytelling, and I loved hearing his stories about life and about the Boston area sports teams he had worked with. He had a passion for hockey, and played the game at a very high level.  He was a hockey players’ hockey player, and was true to who he was.

But what really struck me about John was his deep and profound love for his daughters, Kristen and Jennifer. His face lit up when he spoke of them, and he often shared about the weekend’s activities and the time that he spent with them.  His first love was being a dad; and he invested in their lives as a cheerleader and parent.

John cared about his customers and everyone around him. He mentored Tim, his talented associate, and he taught me, from time to time, without his knowing it. Although we were business and marketing peers, I learned from him. He was someone I looked forward to speaking with and I still get a smile on my face when I think of his style and drive.   With John, the customer came first and he was always fair, no matter what.

I don’t often share personal stories on this blog, but John deserved special mention.  He is truly missed.

God bless you, John and Thank You.


Duane Coleman, President, Dashboard Internet Marketing

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