social media basketDo you put all of your businesses’ “eggs” in one social media “basket?”  If you’re so focused on one social media profile that you neglect many of the other opportunities available to diversify your social media presence, you run the risk of limiting your businesses’ growth and profits. As in many areas of life, social media diversification leads to a stronger internet marketing plan and greater opportunities for a return on your social media marketing investment.

Why Diversify Your Social Media Presence?

Let’s assume you’ve chosen one social media website to focus on last year, and you’ve had good success gathering followers, interacting with customers, increasing business and developing a presence on that platform. What’s wrong with continuing that strategy?

Consider the following…

  • Customers may switch to another social media platform:  As we mentioned in last week’s post, users can and do change their favored social media platform.  Developing a presence on two or more social media sites ensures that you stay in touch with at least a portion of your customer base at all times.
  • Sites may change their policies:  What if your favorite social media site decides to start charging businesses for their profiles? It can happen. Facebook’s recent decision to only allow a portion of business pages’ posts to show up on their followers’ feed unless they pay for sponsored posts is controversial, but like any company, Facebook is in business to make money.  They can’t continue to give away all of their services for free. What if your favorite site starts selling data? Or limiting your reach unless you pay a high fee? It can happen, and in some cases, it is happening. By diversifying, you can shift gears easily if changes made by social media sites aren’t to your liking.
  •  Not everyone uses the same sites:  Individuals differ in their preferences, and your customers are individuals. Some may prefer a more visually-oriented social media website such as Pinterest, while others prefer a more business-like atmosphere on LinkedIn. By diversifying your presence across multiple sites, you’ll have a better chance of reaching more of your customers in the manner in which they prefer.

Whether it’s in your stock portfolio or your social media marketing plan, diversification is safer than putting all your eggs in one basket. If the basket drops, your entire world could go splat. Why not work with two or more social media sites? If that feels like too much work, help is available.

For help with your social media marketing and internet marketing, call on the professionals at Dashboard Internet Marketing. Our team of experts keeps abreast of all the developments in every aspect of internet marketing to help our clients maximize their ROI. Call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation today.

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