Social media marketing is more than just posting a message here or there, or creating a multitude of accounts and hoping one of them is successful. A strategic, thoughtful approach that includes cultivating audience engagement, creating relevant content, listening attentively, and analyzing results can build your business. It can boost your online visibility, attract new prospects, engage customers in your brand, and drive traffic to your website. Professional social media strategists enhance your internet promotions, establish thought leadership, and build credibility for your business.

Social Media Consultants Focused on Your Business Goals

The social media consultants at Dashboard Internet Marketing are focused on helping you achieve your company’s marketing goals. Beginning with a competitive assessment, we work to form a strategy for you that is tailored to your industry, your audience and your specific marketing objectives.

Our team recognizes that your business and your goals are unique. You may have several objectives to achieve; not all objectives are attainable on every social media site. Focusing on success, our strategists will select the best sites for each of your objectives and integrate them into an overall social media strategy that will work in tandem with your current marketing plan. Your strategy may contain many of the following:

  • Competitive assessment
  • Tailored site selection
  • Optimizing each site according to strategy
  • Creative content planning per site
  • Calendar-based posting schedule
  • Listening and monitoring systems and tools
  • Consulting and training
  • Diligent engagement
  • Company social media guidelines
  • Crisis or reputation management plan
  • Analytics
  • Cross-posting tools

Dashboard Internet Marketing focuses on quantifiable goals. We measure, assess and recommend changes based on data about your marketing activities. This emphasis on ROI truly sets us apart from many other agencies offering similar marketing services

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