Many businesses neglect an important potential source of internet marketing leads: lead nurturing sequences. What is a lead nurturing sequence? It’s a carefully constructed sequence of communications that connects with potential customers in set intervals. It moves a customer from a curious prospect to a buyer by helping overcome objections, interesting them in details of the products or services, and answering questions through a series of programmed, established communications.

Let’s look at an example:

  • A roofing contractor runs a series of paid ads online.
  • When customers click on the ad, they arrive at a landing page that offers a free booklet to help potential customers plan a roofing project and budget.
  • The content walks customers through design choices such as what color or type of roofing material to choose, and provides a calculator to help customers assess the costs.

All well and good, and customers are invited to enter their email addresses to receive the booklet, so the roofing company is taking the right steps to build an email list. But what happens after the customer receives the link to download the free book is a good example of lead nurturing.

  • The roofing company waits a day, and then sends an email reminding customers of five points to check to make sure you need a new roof.
  • Next, an email goes out to help customers choose a good contractor, followed by another email about the importance of a licensed and bonded contractor.
  • A day or two later, an email arrives inviting customers for a free, personal estimate.

By this time, the roofing company has provided valuable information (the eBook); followed up with additional valuable information (five points to check on a roof); established their credentials and reminded customers of the importance of choosing a licensed contractor; and completed the cycle with an offer they can’t refuse.

It’s a good example of helping customers by understanding their needs, answering their questions, and providing them with useful, actionable information. In short, it’s the ideal lead nurturing cycle.

The ROI of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing isn’t something that can or should be done off the cuff. Instead, it should be part of a strategic internet marketing and content marketing plan. Strategic insight into customer demographic, the company’s unique selling proposition, and the competitive landscape informs the lead nurturing sequence, while high-quality, well-written and engaging content enacts the sequence itself. Without both, your campaign may stall before it gets off the ground.

Should you invest in a lead nurturing sequence? According to the average ROI for companies with a lead nurturing campaign in place is an astonishing 125%. Clearly lead nurturing offers a good potential return on your marketing investment.

How to Start a Lead Nurturing Campaign

Like all good internet marketing, lead nurturing shouldn’t exist in isolation. It should be part of a comprehensive strategic internet marketing plan that helps your business and your website achieve its goals.  Start by calling Dashboard Internet Marketing for a consultation.  Our focus on ROI means that for every marketing dollar you invest, we will track and measure the returns for more effective marketing. Call 800-807-1852 for a free consultation today.

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