changing nature of web designWhen it comes to website design, the world as we know it has changed forever.  According to the Pew Internet Research Project, as of April 2012, 55% of all American adults use their cell phones to access the internet, nearly double the statistics collected by the project three years prior. Even more interesting is the statistic that 31% of those accessing the internet using their cell phone state that they only access the internet using a mobile device. That number is expected to continue to grow.

Clearly, people are moving away from using a traditional desktop computer to use mobile devices for shopping, browsing, and other internet activities.

What does this mean for website design and website usability? Change isn’t coming. It’s already here. The way websites are designed has changed forever, and if your site isn’t up to speed, you could get left behind in the great wave that’s sweeping the world of internet marketing.

Considerations for Designing Websites for Mobile Devices

Keep in mind the following considerations when designing websites for mobile devices:

  • Consider the delivery method:  The delivery speed of data to mobile devices is often much slower than the delivery of data to a desktop unit. Faster loading times on mobile devices can mean the difference between a visitor viewing your site or clicking through to a competitor.
  • Streamline your design: Many experts recommend a simplified, single-column display to improve the appearance of websites on mobile devices.
  • Keep text inputs to a minimum: Have you ever tried to type a lot of text with just your thumbs? Since it’s hard to type on a tiny keypad, minimize how much typing someone has to do on your website.
  • Design for both touch screen and traditional monitors: Consider how your customers will navigate your site and consider designing for both types of interfaces.
  • Make things very easy to find for people on the go:  Understanding how your customers use your website is key to all good site design, but especially important in mobile site design.  Are customers accessing directions to your local, menus, or other features from their mobile devices more frequently than from their desktop units? Can you make “on the go” features easier to find for mobile users?

Internet Marketing Experts for Mobile Website Design

Designing a website for mobile device takes skills and experience. Not all mobile units are created equal, and not every internet marketing firm has the experience to handle the many nuances of designing websites for mobile devices.

Dashboard Internet Marketing can help you update your website for mobile devices or create a new website that’s accessible on many devices.  Call us at 800-807-1852 or visit us online at

2 thoughts on “The Changing Nature of Website Design

  1. A standard website very seldom translates well to your mobile platform. The mobile version of your website must be much simpler than much of your website-your menu structure may wish to be redone completely, and you might want to eliminate many of the graphics that this main site contains. Still, depending on the mobile device getting used, the visitor may choose to see your standard site, so give them the possibility if their smartphone can easily accommodate it. Provide a simple and readily-accessible toggle change so visitors can simply select the version they prefer.-“*

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    • Allan, Thanks for your comment. Some good stuff here and much appreciated. Mobile is here to stay and its important for those providing services to stay up to speed on the technology in order to help clients and employers achieve their objectives. Thanks again.


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