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The importance of having fresh, original content for your website cannot be stated often enough. Creating and launching a website is an important step, but only the first of many steps in your internet marketing program.  One of the most importance things you can do to promote your website is to feed the search engines fresh, original content. Here’s why.

Search Engines Reward Quality Content

Search Engine Journal details the history of the now-famous Google updates in 2010 and 2011 that took place around April 2012. The result of Google’s updates to its search engine algorithm penalized websites with poor quality contents and links, and rewarded sites with rich, original content. Many websites that depended on outmoded, formulaic content found themselves plummeting in the search engine ranks, while sites that focused on quality content found their rank soaring.

The Definition of Quality Content

What defines quality content? First and foremost, it must be original.  The popular search engines ignore or penalize content that duplicates existing content online word for word, or even a close match.

In the past, many website owners used various formulas for search engine writing that included repeating keyword phrases multiple times in short burst of copy. Today, this method is seen as outmoded, if not downright harmful to your search engine rank. Instead, writing for readability, engagement and interest is of primary importance. Using keywords judiciously and appropriately is important, but anything posted online should be interested and enjoyable.

How do search engines know that the content on your site is enjoyable? They examine metrics other than the number of times a keyword phrase appears in the copy. Data such as how long visitors remain on a website and how many pages someone stops to read on your site are evaluated by the search engines.   Quality content, in a variety of forms, can also be identified and show up in search engine rankings, which may incent some online properties to link to the content on your site.  This is viewed favorably by the major search engines.

Social Media Signals

Quality content also plays an important role in creating social media signals. These are signals that search engines also include in the proprietary algorithms used to calculate a websites’ position on the search engine results page. When you create unique, interesting content and share links to it on your favorite social media outlets, the number of followers or fans that share it, link to it, or like it provides the search engines with signals about its usefulness. These and other metrics feed into the hidden formula that the popular search engines use to calculate page position – and help or hinder your website’s visibility.

Quality Content Begins with a Sound Strategy

Any internet marketing tactic, including content marketing and social media marketing, should begin with a sound internet marketing strategy. A good internet marketing strategy encompasses competitive research and analysis, establishing a marketing strategy, and identifying goals. After a strategy is created, the tactical plan, including content marketing, social media and other internet marketing activities, can be created to support the strategy and achieve your goals.

To get started on an internet marketing strategy, contact Dashboard Internet Marketing. We have experts on our team who can create an effective internet marketing strategy for your business and a tactical plan that includes content marketing, social media marketing, and other activities to help you achieve your business objectives. Call us today at 800-807-1852 for a consultation.

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