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Social media continues to grow as an important aspect of internet marketing for businesses. HubSpot‘s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report notes that social media produces almost double the number of leads than trade shows, telemarketing and other forms of offline marketing. And companies that generate more than 1,000 Facebook “Likes” tend to generate approximately 1,400 visitors per day to their website. It’s clear from these stats that social media and internet marketing are inexorably intertwined, and when they work together, they can boost a business’ presence online, site visits and overall internet marketing reach.

Social Media for Internet Marketing

Social media can be used to attract new customers and keep current customers loyal to your brand. When you engage with the world through your favorite social media channels, you’re not just sending information out to your unique group of connections. Unique, engaging content can easily go viral, or spread naturally among groups on social media outlets. This enables you to reach many more people through social media than you could have dreamed of years ago using traditional advertising channels.

Social media also provides your businesses with a great way to keep in touch with customers. Customers who follow or connect with you on various social media channels choose to receive communications from you.  Make it worthwhile for them by sharing images, content and information they can use and enjoy. Be prepared to answer questions, too, and engage in conversations with your customers online. By being responsive to them on social media channels as well as through typical contact methods such as telephone calls, mail and email, you can engender loyalty among your customers.

Building Online Reputation

One area of internet marketing that’s growing rapidly is online reputation. Whether it’s through reviews on local websites or social media recognition, businesses today must pay particular attention to their online reputation. With so many choices available, people are turning to reviews and other online reputation platforms to make decisions about everything from where to go for dinner to which doctor they call. Make sure that your business has a sterling reputation online. If you need help developing or managing your company’s online reputation, an internet marketing professional can help.

Getting Started in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is readily accessible to all businesses. You can set up a profile and begin sharing photos, links and information today. However, in order to use social media wisely, it’s important to understand the current social media landscape surrounding your industry and business. A social media assessment can help you select the best social media platform for your business and position your company and its messages effectively.

It’s a good idea to work with an internet marketing agency with social media specialists on the team. Such individuals understand how to reach your target audience through specific social media sites, and how to engage with potential customers without turning them off.  They may be able to help you achieve success faster than if you go it alone, which can help a social media campaign pay for itself in terms of leads and new business.

If you’re interested in exploring a social media strategy for your business, contact the professionals at Dashboard Internet Marketing today. We have experienced internet marketers, content marketers and social media professionals who can put together a robust plan to build your brand reputation and acquire new customers through social media marketing. Call us at 800-807-1852 today.

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