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Mobile marketing is one of the fastest-growing aspects of digital marketing, and it continues to grow at an astonishing rate. These three mobile marketing statistics may take you by surprise, but they shouldn’t be ignored. Mobile is here to stay, and smart companies incorporate mobile marketing into their internet marketing strategies to reach all potential customers online.

Mobile Devices Used for Internet Access During Commuting Time

The website Smart Insights shares an interesting infographic that depicts how users access the internet throughout the day. It may have important connotations for your business, depending on when your search traffic peaks. It seems that commuters use their mobile devices during the morning and evening rush hours to search the web, desktop computers during work hours, and tablets while relaxing during the evenings.

Mobile Media Uploads and Access Increasing Daily

Media uploads – photos, videos, voice recordings – are an increasingly important part of social media and internet marketing, and mobile marketing is making it faster and easier to share media online. KBCP, an international consulting firm, reports in a 2013 presentation that mobile sharing as well as mobile access to online media content continues to increase. This translates into more opportunities for businesses to use digital media for branding, acquisition and loyalty marketing. When media supports a company’s internet marketing strategy and brand, it can work wonders by spreading virally throughout the internet, increasing reach and visibility for your brand.

Mobile Use on Retail Sites Is Growing

Another important statistic to note for online businesses is the use of mobile devices for shopping.  Internet retail giants such as Amazon have experienced an astonishing 87% rate of growth among shoppers using mobile devices to purchase from their site, according to Smart Insights.  Across numerous types of ecommerce stores, mobile use is surging.

Using These Statistics for Smarter Internet Marketing

It’s one thing to note the statistics about mobile marketing and another to apply them to your internet marketing strategy. Smart companies will adjust their strategy based on this new data, and update their internet marketing strategies to include:

  • Responsive website design, which can optimize performance and viewing for mobile device users.
  • Mobile-friend content that is meant to be read on screen. It may have short, distinct copy blocks rather than long copy, and more easily navigated information.
  • Ecommerce strategies, sales and specials for mobile device users, or to make it easier and faster for mobile users to shop online.

Mobile internet marketing is a rapidly changing field. To make sure you are spending your time wisely and maximizing your marketing investment, consult with a professional internet marketing firm for advice, assistance, planning and implementation of mobile marketing strategies.

Dashboard Internet Marketing offers comprehensive strategic planning and implementation of internet marketing, mobile marketing, website design, SEO and other digital marketing solutions. Call us today at 800-807-1852 for a consultation on your mobile marketing needs.

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