social media marketing statsSocial media marketing is rapidly growing in importance for most businesses.  According to Experian, a marketing services provider, 91% of all adults use some form of social media marketing. If you’re not using social media, you may be missing a critical marketing channel that can help you build your brand and boost traffic to your website.

Three Social Media Stats

A look at three statistics from popular social networking sites underscores the importance of an active, robust social media plan as part of an overall internet marketing strategy:

  • 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw on the social media site. (Source: Ipsos)
  • YouTube users watch more than 3 billion (yes, billion) hours of video each month. (Source: YouTube)
  • Among the top 1,000 search terms on Twitter, the “churn over” is around 17% each hour. (Source: Twitter)

Social media websites are used by young and old alike, for business and personal information, purchases and referrals.

It’s no longer just people swapping funny pictures on Facebook or laughing over silly home movies on YouTube. Facebook fan pages for businesses help engage customers in a brand and attract more website visitors and clicks; YouTube video channels can offer powerful business videos, links and interaction with customers. Twitter offers quick bursts of information and a steady stream of communications with your customers.

And all of this can be interconnected to an internet marketing strategy and used to enhance natural search engine optimization (SEO), increase site traffic, and improve sales and leads.

The Implications for Internet Marketing

There are several implications from these facts for many small to medium-sized businesses:

  • Participating in social networking is no longer optional for most businesses. If you want to remain part of your customers’ lives and lead the conversation, you most likely will need an active, carefully cultivated social media presence.
  • Just posting random messages won’t do. For effective internet marketing, you need someone attuned to every nuance of this rapidly changing environment. If the top search terms are churning 17% per hour, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with this level of fast change without someone paying constant attention to your company’s internet marketing and social media presence.
  • Consider media channels for your content marketing and social media marketing activities. Twitter offers short, micro bursts of content; Facebook engages with slightly longer messages; YouTube relies upon videos. Your customers gravitate towards various types of content, and as such, will use different social media platforms. To reach the most people, you’ve got to go where the majority of your customers are…so it’s important to use both a variety of content marketing methods and a variety of social networking platforms.

Social networking is an emerging field of internet marketing. It’s no longer a question of when you’ll join the social networking world, but how – and how effectively you’ll use it to achieve your company’s marketing ROI.

Fortunately, there’s help just a phone call away. The professionals at Dashboard Internet Marketing can help you create and integrate a social media campaign into your overall internet marketing goals and strategy to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals. Call us at 800-808-1852 or email us.

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