Website analytics can be intimidating, but they provide vital insights into the health of your business. In fact, these three website statics gleaned from your website analytics program can give you better insight today into how well your internet marketing efforts are paying off.  Take a peek under the hood of your website and see what you can learn from the following website analytics.

  1. How Did People Find You? Check the Keywords

Most website analytics programs monitor keywords used by people to find the website. Take a look at the list of keywords. If your company name or flagship product is always the number one way that customers found your site, you’ve just spotted an area to improve.  The goal of most internet marketing campaigns is to attract and convert website visitors into new customers. If people are searching by your company name or major brand names, they already know who you are and what you sell. They’re visiting your website as if it were an online brochure instead of a robust sales or lead generating engine. A professional internet marketing agency can help you identify deficiencies with your existing website and improve or plan a more strategic website that will help you attract new customers.

  1. What are Your Bounce Rates?

The bounce rate for the home page and other key pages, as well as targeted keyword phrases is another indicator of how well your internet marketing and website are working towards your business goals. The bounce rate reflects how quickly website visitors enter and leave targeted website metrics, or “bounce” back out.  An average bounce rate is dependent upon a number of factors.

Most sites suffer from too high bounce rates. Website visitors are searching for information and finding your site, but once they arrive they aren’t finding what they’re looking for – or perhaps they’re frustrated because they believe the information they seek is there, but they can’t find it easily.

One way to pinpoint the cause of a high bounce rate is through either a website evaluation or a website usability study. Website evaluations examine multiple points of your site to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. A professional internet marketing agency may be able to determine what is causing a high bounce rate through a website evaluation. Another alternative is a website usability study, in which trained researchers work with your customers to assess their feedback on the site’s navigation and other elements.  Such feedback can help you see your website through your customers’ eyes and fix anything that may be turning them away.

  1. Where Are Site Visitors Coming From?

How are people finding your website? Are they finding it through the popular search engines, social media pathways or other vehicles?

When you look at the data on where site visits originate, certain channels will emerge that bring more traffic to your website than others. Compare the time you spend marketing through those channels to the proportion of traffic each brings to your website.  Also look at trends over time.  Are your marketing efforts paying off?  What would happen if you cut back your time on unprofitable internet marketing channels and put more of your energy into those that are bringing you more website traffic?

Website Analytics Can Help You Chart a Course to Internet Marketing Success

You can’t map out a set of directions unless you know where you are and where you’re headed. The same goes for your internet marketing plan and website. You can’t create an internet marketing plan to increase your website traffic unless you know where your site stands now. Information is powerful, and the information you gain from analyzing website statistics can be very helpful to improve your internet marketing.

If you’d like some assistance with website analytics, usability studies or other aspects of internet marketing, Dashboard Internet Marketing is here to help. We work with small to medium sized businesses to help them generate more traffic, more customers, and more sales and leads online. Call us for a consultation at 800-807-1852.

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