email marketingThere are many types of email marketing to consider when choosing tactics for your internet marketing plan. The tactics you finally choose should relate to the overall strategy for your business and help you achieve your business ROI. [Link to Strategy vs. Tactics blog post]  Emails have come a long way from the single-message, overly hyped promotional communication used only a few short years ago. Today, there are many types of email messages that can be considered marketing messages.

Email Marketing Newsletters

Newsletters are by far the most common type of email marketing communication. Sent out at regular intervals such as by the week or month, a newsletter can be a personal communications from the company’s president or brand ambassador to the customer, a fact-filled digest, or a fun brand builder.

Newsletters don’t have to be stuffy or serious.  Dean Koontz, the best-selling novelist, used to send newsletters penned by his dog, Trixie, to his fans, nurturing his brand and amusing his many fans.  FlyLady (Marla Cilley) offers homemaking and organization tips through her branded FlyLady emails sent out daily with her whimsical cartoon character and purple and pink signature brand colors.

Compare these consumer emails to business to business emails. The Content Marketing Institute sends out one email per day to its subscribers offering links to the latest content, updates on conferences and more. Other professional organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, membership groups and the like also use newsletters of a more serious tone.

Newsletters should at the minimum inform and engage subscribers. If they can educate and entertain, so much the better. The tone, style and content of newsletters should be dictated by the overarching internet marketing strategy; the more closely it aligns to the strategy, the better the overall internet marketing will be.

Invitation Emails

Who doesn’t like to get invited to a gathering, even if it’s a free virtual seminar? Hosting gatherings, meetings, or presentations is a great use of an email list. It makes members feel exclusive, and gives them something of value.  Invitations can also be extended to download new content, take advantage of special “member only” discounts and more.

Lead-Nurturing Sequence Emails

A lead-nurturing sequence consists of emails sent out at regular intervals to someone who signs up for an email marketing list. Such emails are like beads on a necklace, strung together to form a whole message that engages and encourages new customers to complete a sequence of actions. These can be used to encourage a test drive of a new vehicle for an auto dealership, a patient appointment for dentists or doctors, or another action that you would like potential customers to take.

Transaction-Based Emails

Any time a customer interacts with your company, you have a chance to leave a lasting impression of your company. Transaction-based emails are often prosaic and fact-based, filled with simple details on a customer’s order such as the shipping date, confirmation of items purchased, etc. But what if you could transform a transaction-based email into a lead nurturing sequence? Think about it.

Customers who have just purchased something from you have already shown by their actions that they like your brand and are willing to part with their hard-earned money for your products or services.  What can you do to say thank you after a transaction?

Is there anything the customer needs to know about his purchase that helps him enjoy it more?  Cleaning and care instructions, perhaps, or information on the rarity of the object?  Depending on the item recently purchased, there may be multiple potential contacts that can leave a favorable and lasting impression through email marketing.

Getting Started with Email Marketing

It can be hard to know which email marketing tactic to choose from among these and others available to you. That’s why speaking with a seasoned marketing professional can be helpful. Dashboard Internet Marketing invites you to call us today for a consultation. Call 800-807-1852 to speak with an internet marketing professional today.

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