email marketing customersEmail marketing remains a powerful tactics among all digital marketing channels, with over 2 billion people engaged in marketing emails annually, according to an article on Marketing Sherpa.  Understanding how customers view email marketing and what triggers them to sign up for your list can help you improve the return on investment of your own email marketing programs.

What Motivates Customers to Sign Up for an Email List?

The little box in the upper right hand corner of the home page is so pervasive you might not even notice it anymore. That’s one of the problems that companies face daily; how do you motivate customers to join an email list?

Blue Hornet, an email marketing firm, published the results of a survey which found that certain offers motivated people to join an email list more than other offers.  For example, for business to consumer marketers, offering customers a coupon or discount for joining an email list was highly effective, with 83.5% of respondents to their survey citing this as their number one reason for signing up for a list.  Coming in at a distance second and third was “to get updates about a product or brand” and “I love the brand.”

These stats apply to consumer marketing; what about business to business marketing? Most businesses don’t give discounts on services. Instead, they offer a free white paper, eBook or another tempting offer. While some pundits have proclaimed the free eBook is dead, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “News of its death is greatly exaggerated.”  Those who find their eBooks failing to convert visitors to list members may wish to test one eBook topic against another to see which one attract more sign ups. Sometimes it’s a question of better matching customers’ interested with the offer, rather than the type of offer itself, which improves the response rates.

Social Sharing and Recommendations

Another important factor affecting the success rate of email marketing is its integration with social media.  Both email marketing and social media are becoming intertwined, with emails offering “Share” buttons for customers to share posts, pictures and messages across their favorite social media platforms, and emails posted by companies to their corporate social media sites. Such sharing engages additional users when portions of the email are passed along; a good viral post can engage hundreds, if not thousands, more in the content than the original email.  Using only one tactic, email or social media, is a thing of the past. Like peanut butter and jelly, the two are better together than separate!

Grow Your List

If you want to grow your email marketing list, prepare to invest time and effort into your list-building strategies, or hire a professional to help you. It takes time and patience using ethical list-building strategies, but it’s important that the list grows organically, rather than forced. A good email marketing list has a strong open rate. This is the rate at which people open the email in their web browser to read the entire message.

What is strong? Currently, the industry average is a 19.7% open rate, according to B2B, a marketing trade publication.  That number can climb as high as 26% for certain industries, such as education marketing or drop down lower for consumer marketing. Generally, however, marketers use the current year’s industry average as the benchmark by which to judge email marketing lists.

How does yours stack up?  Can it be improved?

Expert Email Marketing Help Is a Phone Call Away

Expert email marketing help is just a phone call away.  To integrate email marketing into your digital marketing strategy, or learn more about it, call Dashboard Internet Marketing at 800-807-1852 for a consultation today.



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