apple to oranges competitive positioning webdesignYou can use your website design as part of your overall competitive positioning. Smart marketers use every tool at their disposal to position their company effectively against their competition.  Your website should help you differentiate yourself against competitors both on the local and national scale. Here’s how.

Websites as Strategic Elements in an Internet Marketing Plan

A good internet marketing agency will begin their due diligence on your company prior to writing an internet marketing plan by evaluating the competitive landscape. Such an evaluation typically includes information on various local and potentially national competitors in the same or similar industries and an evaluation of their messaging strategy, marketing tactics and various rankings and other measurements. Websites and social media properties should be included as part of the competitive evaluation.

Some companies understand the value of a website and social media properties and use their online properties as a strategic marketing platform to launch campaigns. Many organizations have yet to reach that point and unknowingly treat their websites as a glorified corporate brochure filled with jargon, outdated images, and feature-heavy text.

Adjust and Strengthen Your Market Position

By evaluating the websites and social media properties of your competitors, you can adjust your website strategy to position your company against their strengths and enhance your strengths against their weaknesses. This may be accomplished through a variety of tactics including the choice of design, messaging, text, photographs, colors and more.  The end result should be a site that emphasizes your company’s strategic marketplace strengths, the strengths that you want to be known for in the marketplace.

Establishing Your Online Brand through Your Website

Website design can be used to create a new brand position, rebrand your company, or strengthen an already strong internet brand. As part of the competitive assessment, an evaluation of the competitors’ websites and social media properties should include all aspects of branding, including both things the company does to brand their image (messages and text, videos and graphics, etc.) and brand images created by customers (reviews of products, customer comments, social media interaction, etc.)

Take Action

Once such an assessment is complete, it’s time to evaluate your own brand position in the marketplace. What do you want customers to say about your company? How can you use your website to cultivate the brand image you want?

The answers to these questions will vary considerably based on the industry, business situation, and other factors. No matter what the answers are, they can then be used as a springboard to generate creative insights and strategies for website creation that can position your company against its competitors.

Are you ready for a website that gets positive notice and attention in a crowded marketplace? Dashboard Internet Marketing can perform a competitive evaluation of your website and internet marketing presence, social media platforms and more, and then work with you to create a plan that gets results and generates new business. Call us at 800-807-1852 or visit to learn more.

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