Many businesses can successfully use Pinterest as part of their social media and internet marketing strategy. Pinterest, the hottest social media craze to hit the web in quite a while, uses images that followers “pin” to their virtual corkboards.  Pinterest images can quickly go viral and spread among users, offering internet marketers a way to broaden beyond their typical audience.  Used with care and as part of a comprehensive social media strategy, Pinterest offers businesses a novel way to interact with customers and attract potential customers.

Tips for Successful Pinterest Marketing

What makes some pins take off like rockets and others fizzle out before they leave the launch pad? The answer lies in the complex medley of images, links, topics, user preferences and social connections that make up the Pinterest community.

For successful Pinterest marketing, consider the following:

  • It’s all about the image – unlike other forms of internet marketing, on Pinterest images don’t come second. They come first. It’s all about the image.  Focus on finding the most eye-catching, compelling images you can for your Pinterest shares.
  • Include keywords in the description – it’s all about the image, right? Yes, but it’s also about the keywords. Like most internet marketing, wise keyword choices help the Pinterest community find their likes and interests and help your content get noticed.
  • Be yourself – find your voice, find your brand, and be yourself. Be unique. Don’t try to copy exactly what the successful brands are doing. You’ll only end up like a second rate version of someone else when you should aim to be a first rate version of yourself!
  • Be a friend to make a friend – repin, share, and interact on the Pinterest community. You want it to be all about you and your brand, but it’s not. It’s about your customers. Be a friend to make them your friend.
  • Be unique – choose not just eye catching images but unique ones. Invest in your own digital photograph or hire a graphic designer to create engaging infographics.

But One Word of Caution…

Like any social media site, Pinterest may not be a good fit for all industries or companies. Pinterest should be part of an integrated marketing and communications strategy. Used properly, Pinterest can help many businesses reach new potential customers. Used improperly, and Pinterest can turn off potential followers and create an unfavorable impression. It all depends on how you approach this evolving medium.

Contact Dashboard Internet Marketing at 800-807-1852 to see if Pinterest might be a fit for your organizations social media strategy.

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