In this series of posts, we’re going to take an honest look at website development mistakes that many startups, web developers and small businesses make.  It’s easy to make website development mistakes, but it’s equally as easy to avoid them if you take your time and choose a knowledgeable and experienced website design and internet marketing company to work with.

“Do it yourself” projects are appealing. At first glance, they seem to save you money. However, as we’ve seen with many people, often those “do it yourself” website development projects end up being more than anticipated, without delivering the desired results. When it comes to website development, it pays to go with a professional – and here’s why.

Website Development and SEO

Do you think of SEO (search engine optimization) as a nice ‘extra’ for your website, but not something you need to consider when you’re creating your website from scratch? Unfortunately, “Larry” (name and certain details changed to protect the identity of the client) didn’t understand the importance of SEO when he built his new company website, and he ended up losing customers, spending additional money and losing time building his business because of it.

Larry is a go-getter entrepreneur who invented software to help people track and manage the many aspects of the application process. His new online service includes systems to help applicants manage transcripts, resumes, customize cover letters, and focus resumes on keywords and more.

Larry chose to hire his friend Kevin to build his online business. Kevin had extensive knowledge in creating interactive systems, and Larry liked Kevin’s design sense. But Kevin didn’t know much about SEO.  Worse, when a member of Larry’s advisement team stepped in to share what he knew about SEO with Kevin, Kevin shrugged it off as a “passing fad.”

The website development project neglected to include an SEO expert, and the results were poor. Larry had to hire a professional internet marketing firm to advise on the changes to make on his website and Kevin was later dismissed from the project. Many of the changes and additions could have been avoided if only Larry had chosen a website development firm experience in SEO.

The Moral of the Story

Larry experienced firsthand the frustration of hiring the wrong website developer for his project. He lost several months of time in which organic search engine traffic could have been building to guide people to his website. Worse, he had to invest a great deal of money to update a brand-new site so that it was appealing to search engines. Incorporating such items from the beginning would have helped him ramp up his new business quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

If you’re considering a website development project, please call Dashboard Internet Marketing first. We have a team of experienced website developers, search engine experts, writers and designers who can get your website off to a strong start and help it rank quickly on popular search engines.  Call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation.

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