Web Design MistakesFixing Initial Website Development Mistakes

Website development mistakes can be fixed, but at what cost? It’s better to hire a professional website development firm with up to date SEO experience to get your website project off to a strong start.  But what if you made a mistake and hired the wrong developer?

Begin with a Discussion of SEO Problems

In our earlier example, Larry hired his friend Kevin to design and build a website for his new job application management system. After launching the site, he realized too late that he should have optimized the site for organic search.  His business advisor had some SEO knowledge and connected him with a professional website development firm that had experienced SEO consultants who were well-versed in natural search engine optimization and the recent Google updates.

The first step is a simple discussion. Perhaps Kevin, the site designer, simply isn’t aware of many of the advances in website development and SEO. A discussion of the overall strategy may help him understand the importance of this aspect of his friend’s project.

Hiring a Professional Website Development and Internet Marketing Agency

Kevin may not be able to address all of the SEO needs, however. He may not understand them, or he may not understand how they fit into the big picture. If Kevin remains unconvinced, it’s time to find another website development company to step in and help complete the project successfully.

A website development company with SEO expertise will:

  • Assess the current situation – what is working well with the site? What needs to be changed?
  • Complete a technical audit of the site
  • Study the competition – how can we position this website better in the marketplace?
  • Research keywords – research keywords and phrases and create a detailed list of the best potential keywords
  • Plan – create a detailed work plan to fix the website’s SEO elements, as well as to enact several other SEO strategies both on and off the website to boost its visibility in search engine ranks.
  • Measure -measure both the current state of the site, its traffic and other factors, to create a pre- and post- website relaunch plan. Before and after metrics should be captured so that Larry can see the return on investment clearly after his project is completed.
  • Implement – the plan should be implemented smoothly and efficiently.

Website development in today’s competitive marketplace isn’t about a pretty facade. It’s about creating a website that will help you achieve your revenue goals.

A professional website development and internet marketing firm can help you achieve those goals faster and more efficiently than a traditional graphic designer.  Designers tend to focus on the aesthetic side of the project. A website development agency with marketing experience focuses on your business and revenue goals, and creates a strategy and plan to help you achieve those goals.

Call Dashboard Internet Marketing for website development help. We can fix problematic websites and boost your site’s rank with popular search engines.  Call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation.

2 thoughts on “Website Development Series: Fixing the Problem, Part III

  1. From my point of view implementation is the basic part of your website development. There are many tricks and rules to develop your site such as the site’s on page should be perfect, quality back links, unique and fresh content etc. By obeying certain rules and guidelines of different search engine you will improve your website ranking soon.
    internet marketing

    • Chris, You bring up some very good points. My only question regards the phrase “improve your website rankings soon”. This often depends on the market, services offered, SEO expertise, level of competition, targeted phrases and how the word soon is interpreted. If soon is interpreted as a month or so and the market is highly competitive with talented SEO resources, the clients expectations may not be realized. As you know, SEO is a process that can take time and a number of variables (as you mentioned) go into how soon results are realized. Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated.


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