Hiring the Wrong Website Developer Part IIExperience Counts in Website Development

Experience counts for much when you’re undertaking a website development project. Last week, we looked at the perils of hiring a well-meaning friend, a talented graphic designer who doesn’t really understand or believe in the benefits of search engine optimization. This week, let’s look at what can happen when you hire an inexperienced website developer.  Like last week’s story, this is also a true tale but names and details have been changed.


The Wrong Website Development Resource Almost Cost Them Their Entire Project!

A local business decided to undertake a website development project. Since someone on the website team knew Drupal, the company decided they wanted to use Drupal to build the new website. However, they didn’t have enough resources within the company to complete the entire project, so they needed to outsource the work to a freelancer.

That’s where they ran into problems. Like many companies, they placed ads on Craigslist and on several bid-for-hire websites. Many companies can and do find reputable freelance help through such services, but they’re also magnets for inexperienced programmers. It’s important to check references and past work history, and that’s where our friends made their first mistake. Although they asked many questions about the freelancer’s Drupal knowledge, they neglected to check references.

It turned out that he had never built a website in Drupal that incorporated search engine optimization elements, and he didn’t understand what was being asked of him.

As the project floundered and the hiring company grew more frustrated, another challenge arose. It turned out that the freelance Drupal developer was actually freelancing because he was in between full time jobs. He received a job offer and accepted it. Once he began his full time job, he continued working on the freelance project, but in his “spare time.”

Time was lost. Money was lost. Suddenly, a project that was supposed to take three months looked like it was going to take six. Frustrated, the company eventually released the freelancer from his contract and sought an experienced firm to complete the project.  The new firm was able to fix the many problems that choosing the wrong developer had caused and saved the project.

Hiring an Experienced Website Development Firm Might Have Made All the Difference

Hiring an experienced website development firm might have made all the difference. If this company had started their project by working with an experienced website development firm, they could have saved time and frustration. All those months spent on development could have been spent acquiring new business with a functioning website.

A proven website development firm that specializes in internet marketing has talented people on staff or freelancers on call.  It is unlikely they will hire strangers just to work on your project, and if they do need a specialized resource, they will most likely conduct extensive reference checks and due diligence to ensure the right firm is in place before work begins. After all, their reputation is at risk, too – and they want to provide the best possible outcome for your project.

Don’t get stuck like this company did by hiring an inexperienced freelance website developer.  Dashboard Internet Marketing offers a team of talented, qualified, experienced full-time developers, programmers, writers, designers and more. We’re dedicated to achieving your project goals. Call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation.

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