Happy-New-Year-2014-Wallpaper-SayingsJanuary is traditionally the month when individuals make New Year’s resolutions. How about making resolutions for your internet marketing instead? Start with your website so that your business can ring in 2014 with a flourish!

Resolution #1:  I promise not to obsess over my website statistics.

Website stats are important. Like a patient’s vital signs, website statistics provide a valuable window in to the health of your internet marketing efforts and website. It’s important to monitor and track your website statistics, and to use that information to improve your marketing.

Website statistics are not, however, the end-all and be-all of internet marketing. Your website can receive plenty of site traffic without making one sale. Conversely, you can receive five visits and make five sales. It’s all in the results. Website statistics and data can point to places where you need to make improvements (see the next resolution), but obsessing over your site’s stats isn’t a productive use of time.

Resolution #2: I promise to pay attention to my website data and use it to make improvements.

Resolution #2 is the corollary, not the opposite, of Resolution #1. Why? Business owners who obsess over their daily data seldom use overarching trends in the data to effect positive changes. And that’s a shame, because data is important.

While daily jumps in site traffic, bounce rates and unique visitors shouldn’t be cause for alarm, larger trends should be noted and acted upon appropriately. If your bounce rate keeps inching up, perhaps examining keywords, content and page titles is in order; people are entering your site but not finding what they expected, and leaving or “bouncing” out quickly. A trend should be examined for potential improvements.

Resolution #3:  I promise not to neglect my website or social media accounts.

Websites need maintenance. They need updates, changes and fresh content to draw return visitors and search engine attention. Building a terrific website is only the start. Improving it with frequent updates is the next step. Promise not to build it and leave it, but build it and love it by keeping it new, exciting and updated.

What about your social media strategy? Do you even have a social media strategy? Some business owners feel that social media is just a waste of time or something “for kids.” Social media is a viable internet marketing method, and a way for you to communicate with your customers. Social media signals also influence search engine optimization. It’s important to develop a social media strategy, build your following, and interact frequently with your followers.

Neglecting to update either your website or your social media accounts is like planting seeds and failing to water them. They may sprout, but they probably won’t develop into healthy plants. Like seeds, both require nurturing and care to grow big and strong.

Resolutions #4: I promise to make my website’s call to action simple, clear and compelling.

The call to action is some of the most important text on your website.  What do you want customers to do when they visit your website? Buy a product, call to make an appointment, stop by your store, and sign up for your newsletter or some other action? Make sure that you clearly convey which action you wish them to take, and make it easy for them to find the necessary information to take the next step.

Resolutions #5: I promise not to make “do it myself” my creed when it comes to websites and internet marketing.

While there are some tasks you may be able to do yourself, internet marketing and website design and development has evolved to the point that you may be doing your business a great disservice by trying to do everything yourself. A busy entrepreneur or small to medium sized business owner only has so many hours in the day to tend to customers, product development, operations, accounting and the myriad other tasks a thriving business requires. Internet marketing and website development can be outsourced to a professional firm with the knowledge, skills and experience to truly make a difference in your internet marketing this year.

Let Dashboard Internet Marketing help you make this year a profitable one.  Our internet marketing services encompass a wide range of marketing activities that can get your business noticed online. Call us at 800-807-1852 for a consultation today.

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