Website usability companies that work exclusively with small and medium sized businesses are rare. This is one area that can determine the success or lack thereof of your internet marketing strategy.

Dashboard Internet Marketing understands what motivates website users, and develops and implements usability studies to ascertain how site visitors find, interact with and use your website. We take the guesswork out of user behavior and can improve your websites effectiveness while reducing cost at the same time.

Usability Consultants Who Understand Internet Marketing

Many usability consultants focus solely on user experience without considering its implications. The usability consultants at Dashboard Internet Marketing work in tandem with our expert team of website designers and developers so that the results from our usability studies translate immediately into action steps for your website. We focus on outcomes and results, not solely aesthetics, to maximize your internet marketing investment.

Dashboard Internet Marketing’s usability consultants evaluate:

  • Your prospect’s expectations and behaviors as they enter your website.
  • How prospects find your site.
  • Whether or not the current site meets their expectations and the reasons for their response.
  • Whether or not site visitors are obtaining the information they need from your current site? If not, what are they looking for?
  • How easy or difficult is it for visitors to find what they need on your current site?
  • and much more….

Our usability consultants are experts at delving into respondents’ feedback to get the most from your usability study investment. The resulting information can lead to a more powerful website that generates leads, sales and more.

Benefits of Website Usability Studies

A website usability study pinpoints aspects of the design, function and features of a website that need improvement. Such studies can save you time, money and effort.

Think about it. If you just jump into a website redesign, how will you know what aspects of the site to improve? You could spend a lot of time and effort fixing something that’s not broken, or conversely, ignore something your site visitors find troublesome. Usability studies use research and data to support sound choices for your website update.

Usability Studies from Internet Marketing Experts

Our usability consultants have years of experience in their field. They work directly with the team of internet marketing experts at Dashboard Internet Marketing to offer our clients the highest level of service and expertise available.

Call 800-807-1852 today to learn more about how usability studies can improve your website.