Website usability can help you and your website design team to pinpoint area of improvement using facts, not guesswork.  It’s tempting to rely upon best guesses, likes and dislikes, instincts and hunches when working on your business website, but none of these methods are as effective as data-based decision making. A website usability study provides you with the information you need to maximize as many opportunities as possible for sales and lead generation.

What Does a Website Usability Study Include?

Website usability studies typically include the following:

  • Uncovering site visitor’s behaviors and activities on your website
  • Discovering how they found your website
  • Asking people whether or not they found what they needed on the site. If not, why?
  • Were all their questions answered by your website?
  • Can your site visitor’s checkout smoothly, complete and submit a lead form, or perform other tasks efficiently?
  • Was it easy or difficult for people to use your site?

Your website usability study may include additional questions or the questions may be structured differently to address your particular niche or industry. But the end result is the same: better information on your customers, the most important person in any site design project.

How Website Usability Studies Save Money and Time

As you glance over the list of items covered in a website usability study, it becomes clear that the answers will focus and prioritize the site design or redesign project. By pinpointing the areas that customers are having issues with, you can apportion your budget on the critical items.  You can also prioritize your time to fix those issues. Without the facts, you might be spending both money and time on updating areas of your website that in your customers’ eyes are just fine the way they are; they aren’t having issues with them.  With a website usability study, you have the facts about what to fix.

Hire an Experienced Website Usability Team

Maybe the idea of a website usability study is new to you or maybe it’s an option you considered to be too expensive.  You might be surprised.  You may never know unless you investigate further.

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