social media strategyWhen it comes to internet marketing, it seems as if everyone is talking about strategy: internet marketing strategy, social media strategy and more. But what is strategy? And in terms of social media, which often seems like a conglomerate of funny pictures and article links, what exactly is a social media strategy?


The Anatomy of a Strategy

What does a social media marketing strategy look like?

  • Goals:  A social media marketing strategy starts with the goal in mind. What is your campaign goal? Is it branding your company or products, attracting followers, developing leads or keeping in touch with your customers? Adjust, refine, and target your goals based on the  marketing campaign you’re running and the social media platforms you’re using.
  • Measurement: Like goals, how will you quantify your success? Many social media websites offer analytics, and there are various tools you can use to add additional metrics. A professional internet marketing firm can also help you track and measure quantifiable successes in your social media campaigns.  Google Analytics now offers enhanced social media monitoring and analytics, which can enhance your campaign measurement.
  • Alignment: Is your social media marketing strategy aligned with your company’s business and marketing strategies?  In actuality, it should be a component of your internet marketing strategy and speak the same language. Integration across platforms and channels is the key to successful internet marketing. Make sure that your social media strategy, messaging and positioning is in sync with other internet marketing campaigns as well as traditional off-line campaigns to enhance your chances of success.

The Right Social Media Platform for Your Campaign

When you’re creating your social media strategy, pay particular attention to the social media site where you plan to run your campaign. Each site has its own ‘flavor’ so to speak.  Create campaigns that complement rather than clash with the platform you’ve chosen to use. For example, Twitter’s succinct 140-character messages encourage quick, pithy comments. Lengthier messages should be shared via your blog. Pinterest and Instagram favor images, while Twitter isn’t the best for images.  Tactics chosen for each strategy should align, blend and enhance your brand image, and appeal to the target audience for each website.

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