website tune upWhen was the last time you updated your website? Reviewed your internet marketing plan? Had a website usability study completed on your website?

Chances are that like most small to mid-sized business owners, it’s been quite a while since you thought about your website. Perhaps you’ve delegated it to an eager administrative assistant or an overworked marketing manager. In any event, if you answered, “It’s been quite a while” to any of the opening questions, it may be time for a website review and update.

Website Tune-Ups

Websites require consistent nurturing. Without routine maintenance and regularly scheduled updates, your website can become out of date and lose its effectiveness.  Here’s a brief checklist of some of the routine maintenance tasks you should perform on your website:

  • Update telephone directories and staffing lists.
  • Update the copyright line annually.
  • Check the links to make sure they work and go to the places you want them to go to.
  • Check images; make sure that none of your image licenses have expired.
  • Update awards, portfolios and other items showcasing your firm’s experience.
  • Archive old events and dated content.

How Website Updates Boost Natural Search Engine Optimization

Search engines such as Google use many factors to determine the position a site appears in the search engine results page. One such factor is fresh content. Search engines notice when a website was last updated and generally give higher ‘marks’ to sites that are updated frequently, when all other factors are equal. How frequently is a matter of some debate among SEO experts, but generally speaking, a site should not be parked in “idle” mode for too long.   Even such small tweaks as those on the list above can help.

Updating Your Website to Improve SEO

One practice that many website owners use to improve natural SEO is to include a blog in their website. Blogs provide you with the opportunity to create branded content around core keywords and subjects.  A blog can also help you attract inbound links and provide content that you can share to your followers on social media accounts. Each blog post is considered to be fresh content and over time may impact your search engine rankings.

Routine care and feeding of websites is critical to your business growth. To zoom ahead of the competition, you’ve got to fuel your website with frequent updates, fresh content, and other ‘fuel’ to improve your ability to reach new customers.

Dashboard Internet Marketing can provide you with guidance on your specific website updating needs, or help you with expert content, blogging and other materials to create an engaging, branded online presence for your business. Visit us at or call 800-807-1852 for more information.

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